September 30th 2017 Update

1. We have 64 Métis Business registered with us as of today

2. Our current Partners are:
a. Site Energy Services- Site set up, pipeline project management
This includes their sister companies, Force Pile Driving and Bear Slashing
b. DOMCOR- medical and security
c. First PAC West- Camp & Catering (Metis)
d. Integrated Environments- Environmental
e. ATCO- only and a Letter of Intent

Update on our bids to date:
1. There has been a few more RFP requests.
The latest one we worked on with partners and have identified four (4) Metis business that could qualify to work on this with the joint venture partner.
We are awaiting a NEB decision to see if project moves forward.

Site Energy Services is looking for the following for possible new bids:

Pipeline – equipment supply for clearing, grubbing, burning, freeze down snow-cats,equipment operators, labor’s, flaggers, medics, water trucks, slashing, mulching,clearing, grubbing, chainsaw operators, log hauling, processors, skidders, mat supply companies, culverts, office trailers, wash cars, porta potties, camp suppliers.

Civil – equipment supply, gravel supply, water trucks, flaggers, medics, road signage,labor’s, equipment operators, slashing, mulching, clearing and grubbing, chainsaw operators, log hauling, processers, skidders, misc material supply companies, culverts, camps, pumps, generators, office trailers, wash cars, porta potties, security

Mechanical – ticked tradesmen/women, equipment supply, picker trucks/operators, skid steers, zoom booms, material supply companies, insulation companies, office trailers, wash cars, camp suppliers, scaffolding suppliers (tube and clamp), security.

Timber salvage and clearing – chainsaw operators, feller bunchers, skidders, processors, mulchers, dozers and excavators for burn sloops, small dozers and snow cats for access prep, labor’s, log hauling, medics, office trailers, wash cars, porta potties, mat supply companies, misc material supply companies (bridge rental) for example, water trucks, security.

Piling and foundations – labor’s, carpenters, cement finishers, equipment operators ie: skid steer – loader – zoom boom, mat supply companies, office trailers, wash cars, porta potties, security, medics.

• All other RFPs previously submitted have not been awarded. – We are always in touch with the proponents and updating them on our new partnerships, Metis businesses, and our capabilities
Note- in our RFP we have been including our Metis business where there is a fit and looking for or reaching out to find Metis business that fit the need.

Download 2017 AGM presentation in PDF