Metis Economic Development Corporation

  • Construction Opportunities
The primary goal of the Métis Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) is to promote self sustainability for BC Métis Federation. Secondly, MEDC will play a key role in supporting Métis owned businesses to coordinate bids so that they may compete for service and supply contracts associated with development projects located throughout BC. The Métis Economic Development corporation (MEDC) will also work with BC Métis Federation when negotiations with the Crown and proponents yield opportunities to participate as equity partners in projects. Currently, there is no other company in BC that supports the BC Métis Federation or Métis entrepreneurs in these ways.

Additional outcomes anticipated as a result of starting Métis Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) include:

  • Increased corporate leadership and capacity development in business governance for Métis people;
  • Promotion of sustainable economies and employment opportunities for Métis communities.
  • Support for positive change regarding government regulations and policies pertaining to Métis involvement in economic projects; and
  • Creating an environment where relationships between Métis and the rest of Canada can be strengthened through successful partnerships.